RONGJINDE Company, which is located in Zhangcun Industry Park, Jiangning, Nanking. the transportation is convenient,  with 104  State highway , Changshen High Speed Way and Ning-Hang High Speed Railway that linking Park throughout Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai.

Our company is a medium-lot producer which is specialized in producing mechanical blade, mold, roll, the products are  sold throughout the country of large and medium-lot steel mills, paper, plastics, metallurgical, chemical, rubber tyre  factories and various packaging industry. The circular blades and  blades of high-precision slitting machine,divide machine series have reached the international level, and random bed  supporting sold to domestic and other overseas areas. With  excellent facilities, superb technology, strict testing and advanced management, the  companys product quality has always been at the top of the same industry. Over the years, the company is for the purpose of manufacture quality products, create  our own brands, remain continuous improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.  We have been in good faith-based and pragmatic sense, step by step to move forward,  with excellent product quality, sound after-sales service, we have created the corporate  image to the satisfaction of users, won the appreciation and support from customers  and established a broad market space.

RONGJINDE people are not proud, not complacent of  the company performance, because we are all deeply aware of everything depending on each and every customers support, depending on RONGJINDE people unremitting efforts and the professionalism to forge  ahead, which is the guarantee of continued development of our company, and is also the premise of our continuous  growing, we firmly believe this point.

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